Floors in Mastic Asphalt

Cellar/House/Storage/Floors in Mastic Asphalt

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Sand rubbing to floors allows latex, adhesive, grout, a good bond to the mastic asphalt. It also prevents carpet underlay sticking to the flooring. These materials in all cases must be non solvent based or approved by the manufacturer to suit mastic asphalt


Polishing to floors, this is done by wooden float to the bitumen content in the surface as the mastic asphalt is cooling, leaving a smooth finish. This in turn is time consuming but means the floor can be used as a finished floor surface, more easily cleaned, and can also be painted if required in a colour selected to add decor; this also protects the floor from spillages, and various paints are available.

Smoke alarms should be covered or disconnected duing laying process

Fumes are non toxic and clear usually within 30 mins.

Cellar Renovations

Whole or part renovations undertaken.
Floors, walls and steps in mastic asphalt to solve damp problems.
Cellars can be made habitable and dry for storage and other uses.

House Floors

Mastic asphalt is laid over damp and uneven quarry tiles, concrete, brick and most compact surfaces, finishing the floor area damp free, level and durable. Latex can also be applied to take lino, carpet, tiles etc. Carpets can be laid using normal underlay direct to asphalt using double sided tape or gluing grippers to surface with a water based adhesive. The asphalt can also be tiled, ceramic etc as normal. The asphalt can be laid 12mm-25mm thick to accommodate levels or two coats to level as required. On completion the floors can be accessed in approximately 1 hour causing minimal disruption.

Storage Floors

Mastic asphalt can be laid where hygiene is concerned to a smooth and polished finish allowing the floor to be used as a finished floor and easily cleaned. Angle and cove fillets can be applied to edges also for this purpose. Floor paint can also be applied in garages or in any area where spillage takes place to resist oil and any other contamination that may take place. Shops, factories and warehouses can benefit from asphalt flooring and where forklifts are used a higher grade of flooring asphalt is used.

Flooring being laid on first part of floor, finished to joint. Wait to set, usually 30-45 mins.

Furniture on part of floor finished, allowing work to commence on area to complete.

Whole house floors, shop, storage, factory space etc. can be completed by this method. Weekends and nights by arrangement if required.

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