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Advantage of Mastic Asphalt Roofing
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Joining to Existing Mastic Asphalt

Shows new mastic asphalt bonded to existing to form flush joint with no overlap. The existing edge is cut back warmed and cleaned to ensure complete fusion.

Aluminium Edge Detail to Gutter

Aluminium trim overhang with mastic asphalt bullnose finish edge to accomodate guttering to be fixed.

Water Check to Edge Detail

Solid mastic asphalt use to form water check sending drainage to guttering on corner.

Falls and Thickness

Two or three coats can be used to ensure mastic asphalt is laid to good levels and fair edges, although mastic asphalt is capable of holding water in certain situations. The thickness of the mastic asphalt is 15 to 20mm, recommended falls 1 in 50, and is laid on a fibreglass or sheathing felt underlay.


Matic asphalt collars to pipes, handrail supports, and various arrangements are formed to give a watertight finish.

Angle Fillets

Angle fillets are formed in solid mastic asphalt to join vertical to horizontal, leaving no overlap or protuding joints as with other roofing systems.

Vertical Detail

Upstands are formed in mastic asphalt using a high bond primer to brickwork or expanding metal lath to woodwork, this then gives the base for the mastic asphalt to be applied.

Application to Brickwork

Mastic asphalt upstands are turned into a chase cut in brickwork, stone or concrete, this should be 25mm deep by 25mm wide, this allows the mastic asphalt to have a splayed edge to be pointed up on completion with sand and cement, or mastic sealant to form a watertight detail.

Variable Use

After having mastic asphalt installed ther are options to fix promenade tiles, slabs, (no solvents to be used) to allow for storage, balcony, and walkway use. Roof gardens are subject to roof deck structure being of suitable specification. Life expenctancy of mastic asphalt properly designed and laid can be 50 – 60 years.

Mastic Asphalt Finishes - Roofing


Sand rubbing whilst hot using silver, building, or coarse sand. The benefits for roofs are the sand helps to obtain better falls to outlets for drainage, it also helps prevent crazing in hot conditions to the bitumen content in the mastic asphalt.


Solar reflective silver or white paint can be applied to horizontal and vertical finishes if required, for added protection to roof areas. For example where sun's rays are magnified by windows, doors or similar.

Mastic Asphalt Roofing to Dormer's

The roofs shown above have had mastic asphalt installed on plywood 20mm decking, replacing a felt roofing system. Previous to this, wind and rain could be heard through the flat roof area. The mastic asphalt has made it quiet, an important part of living accomodation. This on its own is a good benefit for loft extensions, conversions, and where both elevations of tiled, slate pitched roof are opened out leaving a table top flat roof.

Roof, Sky light detail

Outlet Detail

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